Science, education

Our goal in this field is to build up a multifunctional centre for application of renewable energy resources as a permanent, tourist-attractive exhibitory areal accessible to the general public and tourist groups. The centre will focus especially on environmental education of children and young people, information and publication activity, preparing and realization of energy efficiency projects and experiences interchange with other organizations, schools and communities. The centre will organize different activities for children, teachers and parents and will publish educational publications for children and teachers.


1. Renewable energy resources – examples of particular facilities

1.1. Solar energy

1.2. Wind power

1.3. Water power

1.4. Geothermal energy

2. Biomass – demonstration facilities oriented on utilization for energic purposes – e.g. facilities for waste straw or wood burning, biogas production by organic residuals breakdown and its subsequent exploitation

3. Natural building and insulating materials for buildings – example of buildings with lower heating consumption, straw, fleece

4. Cleaning and saving of water

5. Land and air preservation

6. Preparing of compost

7. Ecologic transport

8. Nature preservation, agriculture and renewable energy resources, rural tourism