Veľkolélsky ostrov

Company Aragon embarks upon the area of nature preservation and sustainable development as a permanent process, especially on the island called Veľkolélsky ostrov. Thanks to its remoteness Veľkolélsky ostrov is a demonstration of well-preserved landscape of Podunajsko and an example of mutual coexistence between human and nature. People shaped the characteristic landscape pattern of the island – by grazing economic animals, mowing grass fields for hay and by whittling willows for acquiring of fuel (which led to formation of characteristic head willows).
In the past this type of landscape was wide-spread along Danube. However, to a larger extent it remained just on Veľkolélsky ostrov to this day. Elsewhere along the Danube similar areas were drained and transformed into arable land or artificially forested by derivative ground wood.
By long-term coexistence between human and nature a colorful mosaic of biotopes came into being on Veľkolélsky ostrov, thanks to which the territory became rich in plant and animal species. Soft meadow forest is created especially by white willow, crack willow, white poplar and black poplar. On the grass field there grow majestic oaks as a flood plain left-over. From mammals there exists deer, boar, river otter, beaver and other. From bird species grey heron, egret, black stork, white stork, silver heron, brown-throated sand martin and also different species of predators, e.g. falcon, big hawk, sea eagle and other have representation here.
The entire locality is a protected territory and at the same time territory of European significance Natura 2000. Decreasing area and quality of natural biotopes in collaboration with other factors (overdisturbance, poaching, etc.) led to a big wastage of typical bird species population – black stork, silver heron and brown-throated sand martin.
Company Aragon together with protectionist organizations helps to preserve the island for future generations in original condition.